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August 19th, 2011 by admin

Get Stains Out of Clothes

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Sometimes when we go thrift shopping, we come across a beautiful gem of a garment out of a trove of less than desirable duds. You see it beckoning to you from across the racks. You pick it up and instantly fall in love. Then, upon closer inspection, and to the sinking of your own heart, you realize this treasured garment has an unsightly stain that gnaws at your very soul. Well, not to worry. This post offers tips and ideas on getting grease stains and sweat stains out of clothes. Read ahead for possible remedies.

Usually, when I find a light colored top at the thrift store, I immediately check for arm pit stains. If the stains are bad, I really weigh if the price is worth it. After all, no one wants to buy a shirt that isn’t in excellent condition or will require lots of money to fix. However, if I do end up purchasing a sweat stained shirt, here are some ideas on getting out the unsightly blemish:

For sweat stains, I have used Oxi-Clean on numerous occasions. I have found that it prevents further discoloration and the setting in of stains, but I have yet to see it remove stains completely. Conversely, I researched that you can try adding four scoops of Oxi-Clean to a sweat stain. Then, let it soak overnight. Afterwards, wring and wash in the washing machine. This should put a dent in the stain if not remove it completely.

Another method for removing sweat stains involves vinegar. One article mentions putting white vinegar on the stain and leaving it in the sun for a few days. This should be done everyday, until the stain is gone. According to the article it really works too.

Finally, another great tip I’ve learned in removing sweat stains involves baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix the two products together, creating a paste, and scrub into the affected area with a toothbrush, letting it set for 30 minutes. Then, wash as usual. Apparently, this method works great for some people.

Now, here is another problem I have come across while shopping at thrift stores. I often encounter grease or oil stains, not to mention I get them on my clothes every other day. Here are some grease stain solving tips:

I live and die by stain stick, especially since my hobby is shopping for second hand clothing. Spray ‘n Wash Stain Stick has become a good friend of mine. However, I urge you to use stain remover sticks with caution. Please don’t rub in the stick or scrub the treatment excessively, as it will discolor the garment. I tried getting grease stains out of one of my favorite shirts and was rough with the scrubbing and ended up with discolored spots. On the next couple of tries, with other garments, I learned to gently cover the stain completely and make sure it’s saturated. Then, I gently hand washed it off. I have perfected the system of getting oil stains out. But heed my warning and be gentle!

As I was researching this topic, I also read that dish washing soap and dish washing detergent liquid works wonders on grease stains. It makes perfect sense-these cleaners cut grease on dishes, why not remove grease from clothing? The best way to execute this technique is by first placing the detergent directly on the stain and letting it soak a few minutes. Afterwards, wash the garment and repeat before drying, if the stain has yet to go away.

I also found that some people use shampoo for oily hair to get out grease and oil stains. Just follow the same steps as above with the dish washing detergent stain removal process.

As for set oil stains and arm pit stains, there is no guarantee, but anyone of these methods is your best bet. Keep in mind, some stains can’t be removed due to the severity of the mark or the passing of too much time. So exercise caution when using these tips, they may not work for everyone, but they’re certainly a good start. After all, if the stain doesn’t go away, just remember how cheap you bought the garment for and then you won’t feel so bad. That’s the best part of thrift shopping- take lots of risks and make no regrets!

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