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January 26th, 2013 by admin

Oil Paintings-The Art of Thrifty Decor

Floral Oil Paintings

I adore all things rustic, country, crafty, and thrifty. Naturally, those words describe my decorating style at home. Take this group of oil paintings in my kitchen nook that are grouped together in such a random way, that they quite compliment each other. This artwork is an affordable medium, including the frames which are vintage, hand me downs, or purchased from the thrift shop. These oil paintings are the best decoration of all because they were made cheaply with love, decades ago by my mother. Now that’s what I call Do It Yourself Art!

Floral Oil Paintings

Nature Oil Paintings

Thrifty Tip: You can purchase affordable artwork at thrift shops, odd shops, garage sales and flea markets for as little as $5!

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