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March 4th, 2013 by admin

Recycled Wrapping

The only thing more fun than recycled fashion, are eco-friendly gifts wrapped in recycled wrapping! Take this Sustainable Earth journal I bought for a friend made of 80% sugarcane plant fiber waste. (The best part about gifting a journal is you can write a personal message inside and the receiver will remember you often when they use it!)

A recycled journal wrapped using the opposite side of a brown grocery bag, then topped with an elaborate bow, makes a total earth friendly gift experience! Bonus points if you can make the bow from recycled materials as well!

Substantial Earth Recycled Journal

Recycled Wrapping Paper

Materials needed for recycled wrapping: Used grocery bag or old black and white newspaper, scissors, tape and an elaborate bow(Spritz bow from Target).

Recycled Wrapping

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