Fashion and Living from the thrift shop and beyond!


Care to know about this fashion safari gal?  Well, I am an economically conscious woman since the age of 5 years old, when I saved all my pennies and begged my mother to take me to Wal-Mart to spend it wisely.  As an adult, I spent 3 years in retail at one of my best jobs to date-a chic recycled clothing store.  There I learned about labels, current trends, classic styles, different fabrics, stitching, quality made items, cheaply made pieces and most importantly, I learned about spending the least amount of money for the best garment and accessory.

I now pick every garment apart at a thrift store before I purchase it.  If I can find a lush or durable fabric with minimal wear and tear at a great price, I am sold.  I hope to share my experience in selecting pieces at a thrift shop as an art form and so much more!  Let’s go shopping!

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