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March 4th, 2013 by admin

Recycled Wrapping

The only thing more fun than recycled fashion, are eco-friendly gifts wrapped in recycled wrapping! Take this Sustainable Earth journal I bought for a friend made of 80% sugarcane plant fiber waste. (The best part about gifting a journal is you can write a personal message inside and the receiver will remember you often when they use it!)

A recycled journal wrapped using the opposite side of a brown grocery bag, then topped with an elaborate bow, makes a total earth friendly gift experience! Bonus points if you can make the bow from recycled materials as well!

Substantial Earth Recycled Journal

Recycled Wrapping Paper

Materials needed for recycled wrapping: Used grocery bag or old black and white newspaper, scissors, tape and an elaborate bow(Spritz bow from Target).

Recycled Wrapping

January 26th, 2013 by admin

Oil Paintings-The Art of Thrifty Decor

I adore all things rustic, country, crafty, and thrifty. Naturally, those words describe my decorating style at home. Take this group of oil paintings in my kitchen nook that are grouped together in such a random way, that they quite compliment each other. This artwork is an affordable medium, including the frames which are vintage, hand me downs, or purchased from the thrift shop. These oil paintings are the best decoration of all because they were made cheaply with love, decades ago by my mother. Now that’s what I call Do It Yourself Art!

Floral Oil Paintings

Nature Oil Paintings

Thrifty Tip: You can purchase affordable artwork at thrift shops, odd shops, garage sales and flea markets for as little as $5!

November 25th, 2012 by admin

Repainting Old Furniture

Flea markets, garage sales, thrift shops and family members are great sources for getting cheap, vintage furniture. Sometimes all these quality made pieces need is a splash of paint and a little love for an instant update. Take this piece my cousin, my sister and I restored that belonged to my dad as a child. Here’s how we spruced it up:

Refurbish Old Furniture

Step 1) Acquire an old piece of furniture from a thrifty source.

Refurbish Vintage Furniture

Step 2) Sand old furniture with Fine Sandpaper (this way the new paint will adhere to the wood). Then remove excess dust or dirt with a damp rag.

Restore Old Furniture

Step 3) Apply a coat of paint.

Restore Vintage Furniture

Step 4) Let the paint dry and apply a second coat for a more saturated color.

Vintage Hardware

Step 5) Buy new hardware OR shine, clean and use the old hardware for a throwback to the original time period.

Restored Old Desk

Step 6) With a dash of innovation, throw in some vino, and you have a fun painting party with an amazing parting gift!

Repainted Desk

Materials Used: Old Newspaper (to catch paint),Fine Sand Paper, Flat Screwdriver (to open the can of paint), Philips Screwdriver (to install the hardware), Paint Brushes, 1 Can of Behr Paint (Mermaid Harbor) and a damp rag(not shown).

Vintage desk circa 1960-Free
Painting Supplies-$27
Spending time with the familia repainting a family heirloom-Priceless

November 24th, 2012 by admin

Wood Spoon

In downtown L.A., located near the fashion district, there is a sweet experience waiting for you on 9th Street called Wood Spoon. While I was shopping in the lively and budget friendly Santee Alley with my family on a cool and drizzly afternoon, we got hungry and walked a few blocks over to Wood Spoon. It is a quaint, Brazilian restaurant that serves yummy treats such as croquettes and pot pies with fresh mint water (they have cinnamon water too) and tantalizing Sangria.

Wood Spoon Downtown L.A.

Wood Spoon Downtown Los Angeles

Wood Spoon Interior

Wood Spoon Chicken Pot Pie

Truly Madly Deeply Sweater

(Pictured Above: My cousin visiting me from Texas. I’m wearing the coziest $3 sweater via the thrift shop by Truly Madly Deeply.)

Wood Spoon boasts high ceilings and a retro look (playing off of the mid 20th Century Anjac Fashion Building that houses it). Take a visiting relative to buy $1 jewelry and $5 leggings in the Garment District, then swing by this hidden gem and fall in love with L.A. all over again or for the very first time!

November 12th, 2012 by admin

Fleur De Lis Wall Hooks

The thrift store is great for finding everything from clothes to home d├ęcor. The very best part of thrift shopping is the feeling of nostalgia, by finding a garment or an object that reignites your love of a memory long forgotten. Take for instance these Fleur de Lis Wall hooks I bought for $3. They instantly brought me back to my trip to Spain several years ago. My summer in Spain is long gone, but these Fleur de Lis hooks carry my favorite accessories everyday!

Fleur De Lis Purse Hooks

Fleur De Lis Hooks

More Fleur De Lis Home Accessories: